DAS and ODAS installation, upgrades and modifications.

Stadiums to office buildings to city centers

and neighborhoods.

                                                      At Triton Tower , Inc                  

 We have had the privledge of working with the premier wireless Vendors in the country. 

The Triton Tower, Inc. safety department is led by a team of safety professionals with ONE goal and one goal ONLY, to maintain, manage and audit all preventative safety measures. The Safety Team educates, trains and manages training for Triton Tower employees in following areas of safety:

Radio Frequency Hazards
Authorized Climber and Rescue certifications
OSHA 10 and OSHA 30
Excavation and Trench Safety
Basic First Aid and CPR
Workplace Hazards

In addition to the daily field audits held by the Construction Manager and Field Leads, the Safety Manager will hold monthly safety meetings with all Triton Tower personnel to provided updates on Federal OSHA requirements, headlines and/or areas of concern.  Realizing one man cannot be everywhere at every moment, Triton Towers Safety Manager will send weekly dispatches on current safety topics ranging from safe driving practices to managing extreme environments on what he refers to as “Safety Bulletins” for critical information as needed.

The Triton Tower safety Manager performs a number of important functions to ensure that the entire organization, as well as Triton Tower partners enact the best practices for state of the art safety everywhere Triton Tower performs. The Triton Tower charter for Safety is summed up in these three principles:


  • The safe way to perform a job is always the right way.

  • Each employee has a responsible role in creating and maintaining a safe work environment.

  • All injuries are preventable and all workplace hazards can be safeguarded.